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Episode 37

Episode 37 topics: chevy chasing the buck, maggot what I needed, wolf pack of lies, christmas caroling in your grave, the gifts that keep on giving you the creeps Episode 37 segments: occupy upside downtrodden, the holy trinity, scott destroys collection agencies (new segment), the benediction

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Episode 36

Episode 36 topics: death on a schoolbus (not just the hopes and dreams of the children on board), sean loves rain but shelby hates thai food, funny things people do when they believe in god (like shitting all over tax exempt status), are those clothes you're making fire resistant by chance?, christer prays for aids

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Episode 35

Episode 35 topics: sean switches (and carrots) his tactics, fox sports a takeover, "Always""Livin' on a prayer" with "Bad medicine", flip flops flop, what's to be dumb with these idiots?, drawing anachronistic figures Episode 35 segments: world class champion non-stories, the news reused, freddie the free market ferret (new segment), discussion time, the benediction

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Episode 34

Episode 34 topics: sawyer kid at the soccer game, dum! Brands, inc., seal team six feet under, rush limbaa baa black sheep, no grant deed goes unpunished Episode 34 segments: the holy trinity, the news reused, quotation marks the spot, the benediction

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Episode 33

Episode 33 topics: Scott's dad has a capitalist epiphany, sean's kids go on a candy rage, Scottish farmers get trumped, sweating bullets like a whore shot in a church, there's a prayer for that, stop the presses - Scott is not bitching, let's really share a drink, look into our crystal balls and we will

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Episode 32

Episode 32 topics: you thought your workplace was hazardous, we are monkey, a nice night out, it's different when it's doctor's orders, it's different when it's corporate orders, phun with philosophy, jobs that make the world go to shit, legal vs. Ethical, when does life begin for a segment? (at conception?), how would you feel

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Episode 31

Episode 31 topics: insurance foreign policy, heated debate and switch, inner truth will set you freethinking, manifest destiny is closing the gap, procrastination state of mind, you kant be serious Episode 31 segments: documentary film update (portland), quotation marks the spot (new segment), impromptu benediction prayer poetry

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Episode 30

Episode 30 topics: happy genocide day, cross-dress for success, who's the Boston?, Chinese labor pains Episode 30 segments: documentary film update (boston), special report: Hank Williams, Jr. (new segment), sharing the crank mail

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Episode 29

Episode 29 topics: stupid kids (not mine), tragedy on an already trying day, credit where credit is due: george orwell and jonas salk, thank you imam aziz, headline: yellow river turns red, excuses are like assholes..., justice on a coin?, god is sooo convenient, hey jude - tell him to get out Episode 29 segments:

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Episode 28

Episode 28 topics: Walmart is hazardous to your health, Scott gets a dog, is this Sparta?, how a bill really becomes a law, poor people are lazy, Colombia is not for lovers, house guests are always welcome, Aristotle shows us the way (and then we ignore him), an Incan prayer Episode 28 segments: Mr. Civics

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