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Episode 25

Episode 25 topics: praise be with you from Minnesota, Facebook pusher, hypocrites are usually right, god is a bad friend, truth on a billboard is a problem?, a walk in the woods, corny gods Episode 25 segments: the holy trinity, monster or moron (new segment), bitch/share, the benediction

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Episode 24

Episode 24 topics: Fun with food and water, the dark knight sucks, Tim the Muslim hater, fun at traffic school, the majesty and travesty of the Olympics, praise where praise is due Episode 24 segments: Documentary film update, the news reused, paying homage (new segment), sharing the crank mail

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Episode 23

Episode 23 topics: fire on the mountaintop of the key, fast food chain of my existence, yes we Canada, amateur procreation Episode 23 segments: the holy trinity, the news reused, the benediction

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