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Episode 28

Episode 28 topics: Walmart is hazardous to your health, Scott gets a dog, is this Sparta?, how a bill really becomes a law, poor people are lazy, Colombia is not for lovers, house guests are always welcome, Aristotle shows us the way (and then we ignore him), an Incan prayer Episode 28 segments: Mr. Civics

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Episode 27

Episode 27 topics: The wonderful RNC, Scott becomes a beast on the mat and a beast at subway, we are too smart to be ignorant, the new wage slaves, tragedy at the misguided hand with a gun (again), this letter is not fooling anyone...Is it?, making up words, a prayer for justice Episode 27 segments:

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Episode 26

Episode 26 topics: let's talk about the weather, teaching is fun, god is a super freak, bumper stickers are for stupid people, we r smart (we used to be smarter), the king of poop, tasty beverages, gay nature vs. Gay nurture, the children are the future - and it looks bleak Episode 26 segments: the

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