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Episode 31

Episode 31 topics: insurance foreign policy, heated debate and switch, inner truth will set you freethinking, manifest destiny is closing the gap, procrastination state of mind, you kant be serious Episode 31 segments: documentary film update (portland), quotation marks the spot (new segment), impromptu benediction prayer poetry

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Episode 30

Episode 30 topics: happy genocide day, cross-dress for success, who's the Boston?, Chinese labor pains Episode 30 segments: documentary film update (boston), special report: Hank Williams, Jr. (new segment), sharing the crank mail

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Episode 29

Episode 29 topics: stupid kids (not mine), tragedy on an already trying day, credit where credit is due: george orwell and jonas salk, thank you imam aziz, headline: yellow river turns red, excuses are like assholes..., justice on a coin?, god is sooo convenient, hey jude - tell him to get out Episode 29 segments:

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