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Episode 34

Episode 34 topics: sawyer kid at the soccer game, dum! Brands, inc., seal team six feet under, rush limbaa baa black sheep, no grant deed goes unpunished Episode 34 segments: the holy trinity, the news reused, quotation marks the spot, the benediction

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Episode 33

Episode 33 topics: Scott's dad has a capitalist epiphany, sean's kids go on a candy rage, Scottish farmers get trumped, sweating bullets like a whore shot in a church, there's a prayer for that, stop the presses - Scott is not bitching, let's really share a drink, look into our crystal balls and we will

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Episode 32

Episode 32 topics: you thought your workplace was hazardous, we are monkey, a nice night out, it's different when it's doctor's orders, it's different when it's corporate orders, phun with philosophy, jobs that make the world go to shit, legal vs. Ethical, when does life begin for a segment? (at conception?), how would you feel

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