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Episode 40

Episode 40 topics: the cubs chicago the way of the dodo, umpquasi improvement, something is rotten in the state of denmarks on scott's vent, make a hobbit of using propagandalf to elf achieve greenpeace, capital gains nothing in return, restaurant.Con job Episode 40 segments: justworthy cause (new segment), the holy trinity, the news reused, haiku

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Episode 39

Episode 39 topics: sandy hook - let's have a chat shall we? Sean gets fucked by at&t, scott witnesses highway doggie porn, we hand out some awards (you don't want them), gaming and guns - a match made in hell, leonard peltier deserves better, america not making the grade, a buttholy trinity of ignorance Episode

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Episode 38

Episode 38 topics: scott burns the midnight peak oil, sean's kid bedlamite be a problem, victims victims of the media, wash your hands of our dirtiest cities, hsbc you in hell Episode 38 segments: the holy trinity, monster or moron, mr. Civics, the benediction

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