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Episode 43

Episode 43 topics: technical difficult tease, rest in peace...Sleep, django without god, bp or not bp...That is the question (posed by algerian rebels), mcdonald's: quasi-edible fast food-like substance in any language, this time it's personal audio llc Episode 43 segments: sprayed in america update, sharing the crank mail, the news reused, special guest: lance armstrong

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Episode 42

Episode 42 topics: school shooting two-fer, a facebook fracas over gun control, meatless monday doesn't have to mean treatless monday, the polar air blows sean's mind while the air in beijing warms us up, god does exist?!?, walmart to buy american - really?!, kenyan poachers get poached, andrew lloyd webber's bona fides, if only sigourney

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Episode 41

Episode 41 topics: crime pays the medical bills, e.T. The excommunicated-terrestrial, best friends in therapy and hit shows, kpoj role play, alternative currency to shining sea, trophy fie ho hum, glenn beck is not current Episode 41 segments: justworthy cause, discussion time, the news reused, lists (new segment), the benediction

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