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Episode 46

Episode 46 topics: communities surviving without a corporate sponsor, nominations for murder/suicide candidates, sean gives waaay too much information, and the oscar for most politically charged selection goes to..., is your religion on our list?, a corporateer in an environmentalist's clothing, the tao of all of us, fish and rice - not just staple foods

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Episode 45

Episode 45 topics: wwjd? He would not condone human trafficking, l.A.P.D. Scandal? That sounds about right, sean lets some students down easy, nerd hierarchy, why the pope is really retiring - it's for the children, come for the organic vegetables stay for the corporate raping, ranting on rubio and the republicans, shopping cart psa, is

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Episode 44

Episode 44 topics: bobby knight in shining charmer, super bowl sunday and night, starbucks the system, how about a nice game of chesapeake energy?, another garment factory fires workers...Literally Episode 44 segments: sprayed in america update, the parent company trap (new segment), the news reused, paying homage, the benediction

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