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Episode 49

Episode 49 topics: veterans need more than magnets on the back of douchebags' cars, did your gun protect you from the other guns?, sean feels great and scott feels the pain...What else is new?, julian lennon your dad would not be proud of you, scott refutes his father and his poorly named corporation, veterans are

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Episode 48

Episode 48 topics: universal background hex, bumper sticker shock to the (belief) system, fast (food) and loose pop quiz, the bare minimum wage war, life is meaningful of wonder, all bark and more bytes, fluoride of your life Episode 48 segments: justworthy cause, dum! Brands stink (new segment), the news reused, the holy trinity, bitch/share,

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Episode 47

Episode 47 topics: scott is mad as hell (even though hell does not exist...Unless you're dating taylor swift), just in time machine, comb over and grab your ankles donald trump, pope springs eternal, economic principles and other oxymorons, makeovers that suck...Literally, horses live no mas at taco bell Episode 47 segments: sprayed in america update,

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