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Episode 52

Episode 52 topics: the shining truth about america's past, upside down is right side up in latin america, killer cricket in a sticky wicket, manufactured wants create demand an explanation, everything's gay okay in the nba, sean's trojan horse runs a backward course that scott won't endorse despite trots of force, walmart: save money. Source

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Episode 51

Episode 51 topics: plugging the wikileaks, oblivion in denial, let me be directv with you, no patients is a virtue, cyber intelligence sharing and protection act of contrition, enlightencyclopedia, sean tirelessly spins his wheels and gets downshift on bikes, better gift circle the wagons modern economics Episode 51 segments: justworthy cause, scott destroys directv, the

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Episode 50

Episode 50 topics: it's time to celebrate our 50th episode gala affair extravaganza with a scott and sean stroke fest, shocker - man commits suicide at a nascar race, reflecting on the first 50 episodes and hopes for the next...How many episodes are we going to do anyway?, countries that should be on your personal

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