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Episode 58

Episode 58 topics: sean goes to the school for bad kids, itunes sets the genius bar pretty low, peaceful preserve in pennsylvania, preservationists have to eat crow, is this your bullet in my foot?, big brother's favorite new term is 'big data', camping with 'reke, careers that leave you with a fat wallet but an

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Episode 57

Episode 57 topics: hemorrhoid update - the final chapter?, deposed autocratic dictators are good for scott's soul, all's fair that trades fair, west-african black rhino gets the treatment, what's the weather like in tangent town this time of year?, the family that shoots together..., democracy and you, muhammad and the brotherhood are no morsi in

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Episode 56

Episode 56 topics: two plastic euplastic duplastics, go ahead and brazilian jiu-jitsu me, break the line chew the fat keep moving out into the gap (government accountability project), rex tillerson of a bitch, background checks and balances to gun control our legislators, mono a monokini, wherefore modern art thou sean?, no ifs ands or butts(chuggin'),

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Episode 55

Episode 55 topics: sean's cock runs a fowl, a premeditated murder of crows, circumcision is well-rounded genital mutilation, what to do when you're snowden and trapped, h20 no you didn't - give me your elected official story, zoo the hell do you think you are?, nietzsche's monumental disorder Episode 55 segments: justworthy cause, dead to

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