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Episode 61

Episode 61 topics: reflections on a superior weekend, join this corps, grieb grieving, what's it like in amish tangent town?, superior poetry and the weakest bond, embassy closed: seek safety another day, is that your leakage?, the real dark knight, who's your big data daddy?, go google yourself, mind control: fun at parties, a wing

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Episode 60

Episode 60 topics: our diamond jubilee 60th episode, gonorrheassess sacramento's health and human services, in cold blood sweat and tears, you can only pope to contain francis, gays take the path of priest resistance, cut to the jpmorgan chase, fee fisa foe fumble, general electric of the trade, unilever the animals alone, you bladder believe

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Episode 59

Episode 59 topics: pulling the possum wool over their eyes, ride the snake ride the snake to the lake you lizard kings - this is (not yet) the end, run before you can walk like an egyptian, corn to be wild, not profit to serve, rush-to-judgment limbaugh, lose the lawn distance runaround, that witch does

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