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Episode 64

Episode 64 topics: don't russia to conclusions in syria, am I my brother's animal keeper?, animals held captive audience participation, phoning it in as we pray for peace, no harm no foul no belief no damages, ben & jerry's plan to lick citizens united is money, money makes the seaworld go round, liberal media bias

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Episode 63

Episode 63 topics: prius tell me this new car smells, spiders get a web redemption, golf swing into action for youth, an australian six feet down under, chelsea manning up and never backing down, "Lyin'" ryan braun and von "The con" miller give the performance (enhancing) of their careers, republicans get crabby in maryland, ppo

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Episode 62

Episode 62 topics: now even better friends - scott and sean are prius buddies, my kingdom for some guacamole, scott loves kids, one fewer stick bug in the forest, turning wisconsin residents into swiss cheese, we look into our crystal balls, stinkwort - not just a growth on your anus, british cats with poor table

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