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Episode 67

Episode 67 topics: every dog has his birthday, I don't see nothing wrong with a little trump in hind, the real dirt on kids in touch with nature, what goes up must come government shutdown, no actual savings takes the wind out of your sales, the more things climate change the more they stay the

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Episode 66

Episode 66 topics: sean's wife the hero, it's a legally protected world after all, we now shoot the huddled masses, the shitiest parade ever, civilization is killing us - seriously, all we are saying is give france a chance, tortoise euthanasia - humane or inhumane?, rapid fire good guys and bad guys, death and taxes,

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Episode 65

Episode 65 topics: adventures in babysitting ( I .E. Teaching), imagine scott going on a journey, freethinking costs nothing, believers in tangent town, david's deer losing to goliath, shoot me if you've read this one, a rare double eichmann, more than reputations taking a beating in syria, you down with tpp? (yeah you know me),

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