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Episode 70

Episode 70 topics: rudolph the red-nosed pitch man, episode 69 hangover, is it really a secret if it is open?, black-chested parakeet experiencing extreme prejudice, we visit the black neighborhood in tangent town, the blaze you are going down in is not glory, david kirby and harriet tubman...We're not worthy, we're not worthy!, a mass

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Episode 69

Episode 69 topics:**warning**drunken episode**caveat emptor** 69 is good for everyone, build on what you have or have not, we're sorry you are so delicious, did you tennessee that guy shoot those cops?, I can't remember why you shouldn't drink, may the forces of capitalism be with you, crazy christian correspondence, a (poor) attempt at a

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Episode 68

Episode 68 topics: mormon than you bargained for, christ-is-for columbus exterminating the indigenous, the affordable care class act, the art of car war, how to secede in country without really trying, dorm to be wild...Or not, nfl paso to fleece taxpayers, the ruination of the ruined nation is on ted cruz control Episode 68 segments:

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