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Episode 73

Episode 73 topics: scott's sag nom comm commitment, sean loves his chickens, live by this credo mobile, jamaican monkey long ganja, minivans not just for soccer moms any more, patience is a virtue for pussies, sean considering name change to "Action jackson", kim kardashian has 10% of a good heart, holy fukushima batman, derrick jensen's

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Episode 72

Episode 72 topics: corticool your jets trump rump, overlay reasons to commit treasons on holiday seasons, adjusting our sights on gun violence solutions, wedged between obese passengers in a plane on fire can't compare to a shattered brothel palin love child, the oldest establised permanent floating profession in new york (and everywhere else), super friends

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Episode 71

Episode 71 topics: daylight savings time dies when you're not having fun, this is the end of a surprisingly funny movie, goodbye flycatcher in the rye, intellectual property valuation, uncle sam pulls a jobba on the catawba, tribe to get to know the indigenous in your neck of the woods, water we doing to our

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