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Episode 79

Episode 79 topics: hang me drought to dry, you're everyone's problem maverick(s), silencer is golden at the movies, the dakotas get a crude awakening, japan gives homeless the nuclear option, satan shall be loosed at the oklahoma capital, making sixth sense of it all Episode 79 segments: justworthy cause -, dead to the world,

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Episode 78

Episode 78 topics: suck it sochi, all (rage) in the family, you can do anything "For good", telling fox where to find the real socialists, butterfly in the ointment, at least you could still run away after you got shot in the ankle, rob ford - in the crack heads studio, economics students prefer the

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Episode 77

Episode 77 topics: not feeling good lewis, sean's kids be misbehavin', a bender leads to problems in detroit (lake), too much tangent town, drinking can be so good, planned obsolescence - the worst plan, fighting an uphill battle (peace, justice, unity...), if that is a unicorn we should kill it, this is shooter's bar and

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Episode 74

Episode 74 topics: for whom the taco bells toll, tilikum justice heat, take this up your bma-hole, best black friday deals are at the clinic, javan tiger now merely a coffee flavor, scott's waste management horror story and sean's too much food problem, atheists come out of the prayer closet, papal pontifications on profit, triniteeing

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