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Episode 82

Episode 82 topics: sean has low standards (is it free?), harold and his amazing collection of comedic masterpieces, consuming alcohol is profitable and altruistic, bob barker was right, creeping toward extinction, any attention is good attention for kroger's, the nsa and you, suck it (again) sochi, wall street rues the day they let him in,

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Episode 81

Episode 81 topics: book of mormon family relationships, scott's winter of discontent, the kiva to ending poverty, have you been to the financial sector of tangent town?, the ascension of extinction, stick this in your tip jar, music for music's sake, bieber fever implosion, the ambiguously disgusting sandwich, the unambiguously gay football player, citizens united

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Episode 80

Episode 80 topics: holidazed and confused with commerce, we agreedo that you needo to proceedo with the creedo (mobile), the muppet show me the money, capitalism continues in the maul of america, the truman doctrine show (of force), the rich get richer income hell or high water, get your brain groove on, fisa: it's everything

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