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Episode 85

Episode 85 topics: sean's rules for the crying game, scott protests some protesters, good guys to root for, we newt this would happen, the gun on the bus goes bang-bang-bang, a gang violence revolution, parasite infestations require extermination, legoland of intolerance, where in the world is international criminal daniel andres san diego, modern jesus is

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Episode 84

Episode 84 topics: sean punctuates his semicolon blow, the sun has free rain, america's gun problem is taxing, lockheed these plane words - tanks for nothing, king congress: the eighth blunder of the world, el salvador elect-shuns the republican, you don't miss the water 'til the california well runs dry, out of focus on the

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Episode 83

Episode 83 topics: hair we goatee again, scott's latest self-defense post, hooked on aquaponics, stormin' the castle doctrine, every confused blogger does their partisan, getting the breast of the fowl anti-gay chick-fil-a right wing, you've got to give the wealthy tax-evaders credit (suisse) Episode 83 segments: justworthy cause -, dead to the world, sprayed

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