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Episode 88

Episode 88 topics: no one likes a rattle tail, will guys go to the justin timberlake of fire for having a man crush?, time to tina turner the tables on katy perry, everything is not okkk with race in america, is your aquifer sinking what I 'm sinking?, freeing the animals at seaworld is good

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Episode 87

Episode 87 topics: sean's student teacher is guilt to last, scott's plants spring into action, another military shooter gets a few base hits, is mh370 lost forever? - that's plane to sea, the constitution is lost in space, another campaign finance ruling with an iron fistful of dollars, imagination is more important than knowledge, what's

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Episode 86

Episode 86 topics: an unwanted guest, who has two green thumbs and already has his garden in?, stick this on your bumper, media matters matter, if a tree goes extinct in the woods does it make a sound?, close but no mass shooting, the boy who cried apocalypse, could we be wong about china?, water

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