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Episode 91

Episode 91 topics: new listener sound off (but you can still hear it), upside downtrodden prepares for a makeover, suicide of the road to nowhere, the hierarchy of biological classification orders family indi-genus species extinct, universal background checks for guns aren't just a shot in the dark, serving up racism on a donald sterling silver

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Episode 90

Episode 90 topics: school's out for summer, high end taco bell still s**t, south carolina burnathon, can bats hear white noise?, new fedex service - bullet delivery, what is the meaning of meaning?, sean does actually mean to offend you, not your grandfather's fascism, don't artemis this prayer Episode 90 segments: justworthy cause -,

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Episode 89

Episode 89 topics: sean is getting that itchy-eye feeling again, this match is no match for that smell, two wheels are plenty on the road to change, operation chicago freedom, time to occupy earth (what is 99% of 7 billion?), the tits and ass express, the internet now playing favorites, edukashun is importantand profutibl, a

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