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Episode 95 topic: Animal Cruelty

Episode 95 segments: justworthy cause -, lists, words to live by (new segment) We live in a world of make-believe, institutionalized by man-made systems of control which seek to disparage, undermine, and enslave society. Let Scott Mullin and Sean Namanny help set you free. They'll inspire you to think critically, feel deeply, and ask

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Episode 94 topic: Apocalypse

Episode 94 topics: it is important to set goooooaalls!!!!, apocalypse in southwest portland, open the door to internet freedom, may the forests be with us, just a schoolboy shooting this time, reverse sprawl, the empire strikes whack, life is pain - it hurts so good, calamity over covering contraception, the rough side of tangent town

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Episode 93 Topic: Summer Off

Episode 93 topics: summer off - what a bitch, can hypnotherapy help with your disdain for children?, freight crate grow box not just for drug dealers, racial profiling is for the birds (and rats), fishing for bullets? Visit troutdale!, totally radical radicalization, ffrf cause a lost cause for christians, alabama - 100 years behind since

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Episode 92 topic: Doing What’s Right

Episode 92 topics: bathtub flub needs bleach and scrub, stop being such a philip k. Dick, collaborate my society already, ask your doctor if not having kids is right for you, gun violence still won't chicago away, where are you complicit in the war against the earth?, eternal damnation for an eternal dam nation Episode

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Episode 91

Episode 91 topics: new listener sound off (but you can still hear it), upside downtrodden prepares for a makeover, suicide of the road to nowhere, the hierarchy of biological classification orders family indi-genus species extinct, universal background checks for guns aren't just a shot in the dark, serving up racism on a donald sterling silver

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Episode 90

Episode 90 topics: school's out for summer, high end taco bell still s**t, south carolina burnathon, can bats hear white noise?, new fedex service - bullet delivery, what is the meaning of meaning?, sean does actually mean to offend you, not your grandfather's fascism, don't artemis this prayer Episode 90 segments: justworthy cause -,

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Episode 89

Episode 89 topics: sean is getting that itchy-eye feeling again, this match is no match for that smell, two wheels are plenty on the road to change, operation chicago freedom, time to occupy earth (what is 99% of 7 billion?), the tits and ass express, the internet now playing favorites, edukashun is importantand profutibl, a

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Episode 88

Episode 88 topics: no one likes a rattle tail, will guys go to the justin timberlake of fire for having a man crush?, time to tina turner the tables on katy perry, everything is not okkk with race in america, is your aquifer sinking what I 'm sinking?, freeing the animals at seaworld is good

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Episode 87

Episode 87 topics: sean's student teacher is guilt to last, scott's plants spring into action, another military shooter gets a few base hits, is mh370 lost forever? - that's plane to sea, the constitution is lost in space, another campaign finance ruling with an iron fistful of dollars, imagination is more important than knowledge, what's

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Episode 86

Episode 86 topics: an unwanted guest, who has two green thumbs and already has his garden in?, stick this on your bumper, media matters matter, if a tree goes extinct in the woods does it make a sound?, close but no mass shooting, the boy who cried apocalypse, could we be wong about china?, water

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