Mission Statement

Our mission is to engage people to think critically, feel deeply, and ask questions. Doing so has the capacity to inspire healthy relationships between humans, nonhumans, and the planet itself. Living in an equitable, reciprocal, and sustainable fellowship is our highest goal.

How And Why We Do It

Over the years, we have grown increasingly concerned with our ailing world. We embarked on a journey to explore the reasons behind why there is so much needless suffering. Simply put, we discovered at every turn that civilization is destroying us. Realizing that the atrocities must be stopped, we decided to fight back.

We formed a company called Upside Downtrodden. The name speaks to our belief that those who are downtrodden always have the advantage when they work together and resist oppression by any means necessary. We’ve developed projects that bring people together in an effort to move beyond the abusive, destructive, and hierarchical culture in which we live. We started a podcast to connect with listeners from near and far. We began production on a documentary film that once completed will further illuminate revelations about civilization. We contribute to user-generated news sites to elevate the message. We seek out and collaborate with others who hunger for a more connected, shared, and just society that focuses on the flourishing of all life and fosters community supported by active and engaged citizens on local, regional, and global levels. We’ve done and continue to do all this and more in an effort to raise awareness of our treacherous state of existence and tremendous potential to change it for the better.

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