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I am a teacher and seeker of knowledge. I love playing and listening to music. My love for this world and everything in it inspires me to play, travel, and enjoy new experiences as often as possible.

Democratization of Taxation

Well it is tax season and you should be worried - but you don't have to be. Taxes should feel like an honor or duty, but they feel like a burden imposed on us by the evil empire. So we would like to get you thinking about alternatives to this faulty system. Perhaps you don't

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Persistent Problems of Profit Motive, a Post.

  It is disdainful how the dastardly duo of profit motive and self-interest slows progress, exploits the public trust, and damages the market. Self-interest is an inherent and important part of survival for anything that is alive; and profit motive is not horrible, provided it is not elevated to areas where it can be particularly

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What’s with the greek?

If you are looking at this website then you probably noticed some strange phrases and words. Don't worry, you are not crazy. We are. Changing the world is not a part time endeavor but that is what it must be for now. We appreciate your patience while we get up to speed with social media,

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Getting Our Growth On

How embarrassing it was as I set up our twitter account and prepared to send our first tweet - I actually had to google "how to use twitter", and I am only 40. After some time I was able to create the twitter handle @UDowntrodden, and tweet our first tweet with the #suckitcivilization. Use said

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