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Episode 152: Resistance – The Alliance to Restore The Republic is a resistance movement formed to confront The Galactic Empire in a galaxy far, far away…or at Trump Tower.

Our society is in turmoil. Perhaps it's because deep down we all know we can't continue living this way. We must resist and evolve to care for all life on the planet. The timeless aphorism is true now more than ever...change or die.

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Episode 151: Commerce Events – Coming together for the sake of money since time immemorial.

This Veterans Day support our troops by getting 60% off your new mattress! Or, perhaps a better way to support soldiers than you sleeping soundly on your new mattress that you purchased at a discounted price, would be you voting for elected officials at the local, State, and National level who refuse to abuse soldiers by sending them into harm's way by invading other countries simply to enrich multinational corporations and the "people" who run them. Invasions: An original (and never-ending) American commerce event.

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