This is from the early stages of our plan to build a new civilization. Each bubble represents one head of the hydra that is civilization. Each bubble has and needs projects designed to seize control of each one of the heads. We don’t want to kill the Hydra, we want to tame it and ride the shit out of it. For example, what projects could we engage in that would allow us to direct Science to meet the needs of the downtrodden (all of us) rather than drive the profits of major corporations and greedy individuals? (Think Jonas Salk who gave the polio vaccine to the world, not Hepatitis C profiteer Raymond Schinazi who is exploiting sick people).
All monetary support on Patreon is going to this end and we need a lot more of it. But money is no longer the most powerful resource on the planet – we are. Got any project ideas? Open a dialogue with us about it. Know people who give a shit about stuff like this? Encourage them to become a patron or contact us about how they can contribute. Do you have questions about what the fuck we mean by “new civilization” and our plan for building a new one? Ask us. Let’s build an active and massive community of people working toward common goals. What is the Upside to being a member of the Downtrodden? There are billions of us. Within six degrees of separation the many billions of us are all connected. When we collectively focus our time, energy, and resources we become an unstoppable force!