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Blueprint for a new civilization

Let's start building the new civilization - together.

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Easy, collective, worthwhile action. Let me be your guide on the side.

We are now offering a new civilization for a simple investment of $12 per year!

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Thoughtful commentary through music and spoken word

George Watsky is an interesting artist who is supremely talented. Like his music or not, I don't think you can argue that he is not very good at his craft.  A native of the bay area and a student of hip hop and poetry, Watsky has many great songs to enjoy.  However I think this

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Take a Tour of the New Website.

Thanks to Joseph Krahn our resident wizard we have a website that does not look and operate like it was made by a 6th grader (you're welcome!). What you should notice right away is that the site is easier to navigate and MUCH more interactive. We have been very consistent with our message of collective

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A road less traveled…

Are you weary of  the American dream?  Is life getting you down?  No, I'm not selling you a new medication.  How about reconnecting with nature?  Jeff Arnim has figured out his own way to fight the system.   Take five minutes of your time and read his blog post just before he is getting to

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Hollywood Ponzi Scheme

Ever heard of Relativity Media?  The founder, Ryan Kavanaugh, thought he had it all figured out and he did a damn good job convincing many influential people in Hollywood to buy into his promises.  So of course he got greedy and sloppy.  The twists and turns of this classic Hollywood con game are especially amusing. Read and

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Democratization of Taxation

Well it is tax season and you should be worried - but you don't have to be. Taxes should feel like an honor or duty, but they feel like a burden imposed on us by the evil empire. So we would like to get you thinking about alternatives to this faulty system. Perhaps you don't

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The Religion of Passive Resistance: Part III

Eighth, Scilla’s take on the U.S. Military is complete nonsense. Just to make sure we’re clear, the U.S. Military is an extension of the U.S. Government which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of multinational corporations. The U.S. Government, the U.S. Military, and the corporate masters they serve are all aggressors. They will use any means necessary—nonviolent

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The Religion of Passive Resistance: Part II

Fifth, with regard to violence, Scilla claims, “Only very rarely in very few cases does it work.” That’s complete nonsense. Violence works extraordinarily well. That’s why governments all over the world use it. I live in America. It’s a bright, shining example of what you can accomplish with dedicated and unwavering violence. That’s why multinational

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The Religion of Passive Resistance: Part I

Hey, Listener (and now Reader). Scott Mullin here. When I’m not busy being productive, I co-host that podcast on iTunes called Upside Downtrodden. On the show, we spend a great deal of time discussing civilization, its various systems of control, and methods with which it can be resisted. To that effect, I received an email

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