A good friend of mine occasionally says “I would pay $12 (or $5 or $20) to watch two monkeys fuck”. (Thanks Rudy). The point of the statement is to emphasize that $12 is a relatively small investment for a reasonably low expectation on return. I am actively working on a plan to create a new civilization. I AM serious and IT IS a serious and viable plan. $1 per month will not break your bank but it will help me put my plan into action. $12 in a year from just you will help, but will not get us where we need to be. $1 per month from you and 99,999 other people is $1,200,000 per year – and now we are cooking with gas!! 100,000 is only around 1% of the population of just California, let lone the U.S., never minding our globally connected world. I need money and people to help my plan grow. So the question is (Rudy), would you pay $12 per year to watch me try to create a new civilization or even flail and fail trying to do it? Or is it just a monkey thing?
Patreon https://www.patreon.com/upsidedowntrodden Is how 100,000 and more people could come together to help me do this. Click the link. Watch the video. Read the goals and milestones. Look at the levels of support and what you can get in return if you become a Patron (besides a new civilization of course, which is going to take a while).
Finally (and this is cheap I know), I have a bet with Scott Mullin that we will have more than 25 Patrons on Patreon by August 4th. If you become a Patron I will include you in the payment of the bet (conditions to be determined, but if I win I will make Scott do something super fun for us to watch). I only need 17 more people to sign up on Patreon to win this bet. ONLY Patrons will get to see the results of our bet.
If you think this civilization is fucked up, if you love me, if you trust me, if I ever did anything worthwhile for you, or even if you have no idea who I am but would pay $12 to watch two monkeys have relations – then roll the dice on $1 per month or SHARE the link with as many people as you can. What do we all have to lose but everything?