We are guessing that you know what a Co-Operative is, but we are also guessing that you don’t yet know how many great companies worthy of your support are operating as co-operatives. We would like to apply this model to families, communities, societies, and the global village. Join or support a co-op today, and begin to truly reap the benefits of your time, labor and energy.

Episode 131 Segments: Justworthy Cause – Equalexchange.coop, Words to Live By

Episode 131 Guest: Jessie Myszka

Episode 131 Links: www.equalexchange.coopwww.fairtrade.net/products/carbon-credits,  www.oaklandinstitute.org/sustainable-food-systemswww.cdi.coop/food-coops-food-deserts-low-income-communities/