Episode 70 topics: rudolph the red-nosed pitch man, episode 69 hangover, is it really a secret if it is open?, black-chested parakeet experiencing extreme prejudice, we visit the black neighborhood in tangent town, the blaze you are going down in is not glory, david kirby and harriet tubman…We’re not worthy, we’re not worthy!, a mass shooting per day keeps the doctor away…From his family as he works on multiple gunshot victims, whistle blowing not all it’s cracked up to be, orwellian with pride, primus for a revolution, is that your small penis…I mean dead wolf on the car?, are you civilized?, pray for death as the one prayer you know will come true

Episode 70 segments: justworthy cause, dead to the world, sprayed in america update, paying homage, the news reused, quotation marks the spot, bitch/share, the benediction