How embarrassing it was as I set up our twitter account and prepared to send our first tweet – I actually had to google “how to use twitter”, and I am only 40. After some time I was able to create the twitter handle @UDowntrodden, and tweet our first tweet with the #suckitcivilization. Use said hash tag whenever you want to criticize this irredeemable civilization we live in, or if you want to tweet about possible alternatives for how the global system operates. If you use this has tag we will send you a coupon code for 25% discount on a sweet tee shirt. I have also spent time linking our “The Facebook” (that is meant to be derogatory) page to our site and I created a YouTube channel. We have never claimed to be techno wizards so be patient with us as we get acclimated to the 21st century. We will be uploading content to our YouTube channel once we learn how to use it, and we will be tweeting more and more often. Don’t worry social media nerds, we will be adding more as our knowledge base grows. Remember, resistance is fertile!