SPECIAL EVENT – Courtney Macavinta Interview

//SPECIAL EVENT – Courtney Macavinta Interview

SPECIAL EVENT – Courtney Macavinta Interview

We have our ideas about respect and we have not been shy about sharing them. We do, however, acknowledge that there are people who have better ideas than us. Courtney Macavinta is co-founder and CEO of The Respect Institute and has had a long list of accomplishments while helping the rest of us live in a more respectful society. We discuss the difficulty of defining respect, “respect basics”, presidential political respect (or lack thereof), and how the media has shown a loss of respect for the truth.

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  1. atownkid April 26, 2017 at 1:13 pm

    Great interview!! you guys work well off of each other. Do the listeners know that you guys are not in the same room together? It might help with the audience to let them know that Scott is up in Portland and Sean is in Auburn. I don’t know if this is covered in other shows but might help people understand the format if they are new to the show. PS. Scott, your mic was kind of low on this show. Love you guys!!!!

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